White Cheese Curds

Made almost exclusively in Wisconsin, white cheese curds are our most popular online order.

Cheese curds are the youngest form of cheese. Their flavor is mild, with a firmness similar to cheddar cheese, but with a springy or rubbery texture.  White cheese curds and curds of  all flavors are popular gifts.

Price per 1/2 pound.

Price: $3.40

Fresh young cheese in a natural random shape.  Direct from the “Cheese Curd Capital” of Ellsworth, WI.  Often referred to as “squeaky cheese”.   Cheese curds are often eaten as a snack, finger food or an appetizer.

Cheese curd suggestions:

  • Grated curds add wonderful flavor when added to pizza.
  • Warm curds to room temperature or warmer to get that fun squeak when chewing.
  • Microwaved curds in a bit of milk are a super snack.
  • Deep fried.

Tip: Want more squeak? Simply microwave for a few seconds to restore their freshness from the creamery squeakiness!