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1/3 Pound Marieke Caraway Gouda

Marieke caraway gouda is an exceptional gouda flavored with caraway. This gouda is aged for 4-6 months making it a mild and creamy gouda that is great for snacking alone or incorporating into a recipe. Priced per 1/3 pound.

Marieke Smoked Gouda

Marieke smoked gouda is a lightly smoked gouda with a mild flavor and a smooth texture. Marieke smoked gouda is great on its own or on a cracker with summer sausage.  This artisan cheese is sure to please any cheese lover. priced per 1/3 pound.

Marieke Gouda

A smooth mild and creamy cheese. Great with fruit and wine. Priced per 1/3 pound.

Marieke Aged Gouda

Aged 18-24 months makes this a fantastic aged gouda. Aged Gouda has a firm yet creamy texture with characteristic aged Gouda crystals adding a little crunch. Priced per 1/3 pound.

Marieke Foenegreek Gouda

The Marieke foenegreek gouda is seasoned with foenegreek seeds which makes for a nutty taste, a smooth texture and a faint maple syrup aroma. Marieke foenegreek gouda is a special treat for both everyday snacks and for those special parties. One of  Marieke’s best selling cheeses. Price Per 1/3 pound.  

Small Artisan Cheese Box

The small Wisconsin Artisan Cheese Assortment is guaranteed to  surprise and delight the Wisconsin cheese connoisseurs in your life.  Personalize this assortment by choosing an additional savory Cheddar Variety and/or prize winning Gouda Wisconsin Artisan Cheeses. 1/2 lb. Four Year Aged Yellow Cheddar 1/2 lb. Cranberry Cheddar 1/2 lb. Gruyère Cheddar -we call it Morning Sun […]